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About us

We were born as a cryptocurrency mining operation where we mine reliable and profitable cryptocurrency to best benefit Minerta investors. Further, reinvestment profits from mining operations through AI trade to provide monthly dividends to our investors who follow Minerta’s Dividend Terms and Conditions accordingly.

Our future plan aims to employ clean energy technology such as solar cells and thermoelectricity, which uses heat generated during mining to produce electricity. This electricity can then be used to power further mining in order to reduce electricity costs and help cool equipment during operation. These clean energy sources will also help reduce global warming.

The fundamental value of Minerta (MIT) is to gain real demand for the coin. We will push forward the benefits of our application (Minerta2Go) to be acknowledged and eventually to be widely used in the market.

White Paper (TH)
White Paper (EN)


Natvara Pupateerawanich
Natvara PupateerawanichCEO & Co-Owner
Peerabud Hongsurakul
Peerabud HongsurakulCOO & Co-Owner
Tunpisit Jangsang
Tunpisit JangsangOffice Administrator
Jittarin Banjonganuree
Jittarin BanjonganureeGraphic Designer

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